Mailgoat Week 2

Part of an on-going series of daily sketches I’m making for someone that has a very positive influence on me.

Devin platts platypus bbq

When traveling to far away places, mailgoat finds some things very unfamiliar...

Devin platts boxaroo

And it's not always easy to understand exactly what's going on.

Devin platts rivergoat

By not being afraid to dive in to new situations, mailgoat has all sorts of adventures.

Devin platts penguinmagician

Often, it can be a real mystery what might happen next.

Devin platts sugargoat

Every once in a while mailgoat might wonder "how did I get here?"

Devin platts treedelivery

On any adventure, unique opportunities can be found along the way.

Devin platts localmail

Moving steadily into the unknown, the adventures of mailgoat continue~