Mailgoat Week 3

An on-going series of daily sketches I'm making for someone that has a really positive influence on me.

Devin platts teawithbilby

A letter for the Bilby café~

Devin platts birdking

The Bird King can be hard to find sometimes...

Devin platts singingdog

But he knows where the best music on the island is played.

Devin platts ellie bday

Ella always has her cake first, and present after~

Devin platts redpandachef

Helping friends cook tasty meals~

Devin platts bikergang recovered

Uh oh~ It's a dangerous delivery through cassowary gang territory~ It looks like mailgoat might be in some trouble...

Devin platts pigrescue

Luckily help arrives in the nick of time!