Mailgoat Week 5

The Adventures of Mailgoat: Week 5
A series of daily sketches I'm making for someone who is a really positive influence on me.

Devin platts cappysplash

A day off, splashing around with Capybara and friends~

Devin platts rhino

Some letters are so big, they barely fit into the mailbags!

Devin platts wildebest

When in unfamiliar territory, it can be good to stop and ask for directions~

Devin platts sunhatgiraffe

Making sure the letters are delivered is very important!

Devin platts honeybooboo

Honey Badgers...don't trust them!

Devin platts anteatershush

"hush dear, you don't know what you're talking about"

Devin platts aye aye aye

Sir Aye-aye is a rather agreeable fellow, and has an important task for mailgoat!