Adventures of Mailgoat 21

21 weeks of daily doodles I'm making for someone~

Devin platts pegasus goat

"Allow me to aid you, there much to be done, and little time"

Devin platts pegasus goaticorn

"This power...quickly now, or it really will be too late!"

Devin platts pegoaticornwithfrog

"Swiftly now, we're not far off"

Devin platts jackelopeandfrog

"Let is gather the others, time is running out."

Devin platts gryphon

"Quickly now, let us do what we can"

Devin platts gryphon uncicorn

"We must hurry!"

Devin platts pegoaticornwithfrog2

"Now we must prepare for the worst, I fear Mailgoaticorn may not be there in time..."