The Backwater Bastards

Fanart of our real-play DnD podcast: The Backwater Bastards. I wanted to learn zbrush, so i did sculpts loosely based on Even's sketches of our party.

You can check out the podcast here!

Baron DeBauch: Royal drunk - Daniel Matthews
Blaznak: Dragon Slayer & Champion of Hogswater - Even Mehl Amundsen
Haex Masath: Outlaw mage and green to boot - Taylor van Biljon
Cedric The Clerical Clerk: number cruncher, body hacker - Devin Platts
And Polling this mess from one bad spot to another, Your Dungeon MasterDick - Richard Kimber-Bell

Devin platts backwater bastards

The Backwater Bastards!

Devin platts baron render

Is he Drunkenly Brave or was it Bravenly Drunk? He's too charismatic to notice the details, unless it's a door. He ...adores them

Devin platts blaznak render

The greatest hero the world of Rhalloran has ever known. Swineherd turned Dragonslayer, our incorrigible hammer-loving Blaznak!

Devin platts bastards renders

Coward, Blaznak's companion pet.

Devin platts cedric render

A devout Cleric that worships the unnammed Golden god, Cedric joins the party as the personal accountant of Baron DeBauch. With a penchant for dismembering that which annoys him, the only thing he likes more than gold is...more gold.

Devin platts haex renders

Haex Masath! A lustful half-Orc pirate with a Draconic bloodline. As she was escaping arrest in the royal palace, she stumbled into our party has joined us in drunken debauchery.