Adventures of Mailgoat: Week 8

A series of daily sketches I'm creating for someone who is a very positive influence on me.

Devin platts tabogganbunny

Sometimes getting around fast is also fun~

Devin platts coati fruitsalesman

"what is your favorite fruit, mailgoat? I have the very best!"
"banana peels!"

Devin platts sealion pelican

Airmail, special delivery~

Devin platts 19388747 10104130145202759 8277987093262804249 o

"Where would you like to go little mailgoat?"

Devin platts whaleshark

"Wooow, even from way up here, whale shark is soooo big!"

Devin platts humpjump

A humpback jumping up to say hello~

Devin platts 19453084 10104140006530579 2176029598512270413 o

"Hey mailgoat, lets race!"