Adventures of Mailgoat: Week 6

Daily sketches I'm making for someone who is a very positive influence on me.

Devin platts panguardlins

An important mission from Sir Aye-aye, hopefully this letter will allow him entry.

Devin platts secretarybird

A brief meeting with the Secretary Bird of State, to make sure his documents are authentic.

Devin platts aardvarking

An important missive for the AardvarKing, lovingly called "The golden toed king" [more for his gentle disposition than his golden toes]

Devin platts meerkatsandchill

A relaxing sunset with meerkat friends and some tea~

Devin platts popcorn

The delicious smell of freshly popped corn, I wonder where mailgoat is going with all that popcorn?

Devin platts movies

Of course it's the movies! A relaxing evening with friends!

Devin platts spectacled bears

The only thing that beats a good movie is story time before bed.