Adventures of Mailgoat Week 7

An ongoing series of daily sketches I'm making for someone that's a positive influence on me.

Devin platts sloth

Is everyday a Monday for a sloth, or is it always the weekend?

Devin platts babytapir

Baby tapir having fun with butterfly friends~

Devin platts macawblurple

A relaxing cup of coffee with Mr. Macaw.
The terrible pun this idea came from is: "Macawffee"

Devin platts frogmouth

Frogmouth Phil, always a little bubbly.
"i just saw the biggest snake, you wouldn't believe it"

Devin platts sneksnek

"thankthssssss for sssssthopping by"

Devin platts llamasweater

"Isn't my new sweater the best?"

Devin platts andeadcondor

Seems chinchilla has been making lots of presents lately~